The doctor and his wife were playing golf at the club.


On the first Tee, she drove a 300 yard tee shot straight

 down the fairway.


The doctor said, “Wow, I have never seen you play this

 well before!”


Marie says, “I took lessons.”


A couple of days later on the tennis court in mixed

 doubles, she smashes her serves and never misses a point.


The doctor said, “Wow, I have never seen you hit so well



Marie says, “I took lessons.”


On the weekend they settled into a nice dinner at home.


Marie brings out two perfect plates of Beef Wellington,

 and the doctor says, “Wow, I have never seen you cook

 like this before!”


She says, “I took lessons.”


After dinner she gives him ‘that look’ and they go



About 30 minutes later the doctor rolls over and says,

 “Wow! That was incredible, amazing, so hot!…”


Before Marie can speak, he adds,…


“I want a divorce!”

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