A man finds a wallet with $700 in it. A few days later, he reads a notice stating that a wealthy man has lost his wallet and is offering a $50 reward to anyone who returns it. 

He soon locates the owner and gives him the wallet, and the rich man counts the money and says, “I see you have already taken your reward.”

The poor man responds, “What are you talking about?” The wealthy man continues, “This wallet had $750 in it when I lost it.”

The two men begin arguing, and eventually they go to court to sort out their differences.

 Both men present their case, the poor man first, then the wealthy man who concludes by saying, “Your Honor, I trust you believe me.”

The Judge says, “Of course.” The rich man smiles, and the poor man is devastated. 

Then the Judge takes the wallet out of the wealthy man’s hands and ...


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