They are seated and after browsing the menu they both decide to order the soup of the day.

When the waiter brings their soup the man knocks his spoon on the floor.

“Whoops,” he says and turns to the waiter, “I’m terribly sorry but could I have another.”

The waiter whips a fresh spoon out of his top pocket.

“Here you are, Sir.” Says the waiter, handing him the spoon.

“Oh, thank you,” says the man a little surprised.

The couple tuck into their soups, chit chatting about the wonderful service and how delicious the soup is.

The man glances around the restaurant and notices all the waiters have a spoon sticking out of their top pockets curious about the spoons he beckons the waiter back over.

“Is everything to your liking, Sir?” asks the waiter.

“Oh, yes, it’s wonderful, thank you, I was just curious as to why all the waiters are carrying a spoon in each of their top pockets.”

“Very observant, Sir. Statistically spoons are the most dropped utensil so to save time we all carry a spoon in our pockets.”

“That’s very clever, thank you.”

The waiter returns to the kitchen and the man turns back to his soup.

After a few more sips he is looking around the room again and notices the all the waiters have a short piece of string hanging out of the fly on their trousers.

He gestures again for the waiter who returns to the table.

“Anything I can do for you, Sir?”

“Just another question, if you don’t mind,” says the man with genuine curiosity...


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