A wife asked her husband to drop her off at a friend’s house, where a wedding reception was taking place.

He responded that he would be too busy throughout the day in the office, and gave her some money to take a taxi.

He left for the office.

The wife took a Taxi to the wedding reception, there she met a fine Girl and they got talking to each other.

Soon they became friends.

In the evening when everyone was leaving, the Girl asked the Woman how she was going home.

She replied that her husband was too busy in the office to pick her up so she would use a taxi.

The Girl responded; “My boyfriend brought me here and would be coming to pick me up.

I just spoke to him on the phone and he’s on his way.

Why don’t you join me in his car and we would drop you at your house”

The woman agreed. A few minutes later, her husband’s car arrived.

The Girl jumped into the front passenger seat of the car and asked the Woman to sit at the backseat, which she did confused and perturbed.

Then the Girl introduced her new friend to her boyfriend.

When the man turned around ... 


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