There’s An Elderly Couple Who Has Reached That Point In Life, Where Sex Isn’t Part Of
The Itinerary Anymore. One Night, The Wife Turns To Her Husband And Says,

“Everytime One Of Us Wants To Have A Bit Of A Slap And Tickle, We Just Have To Say,
“Washing Machine.’” A Night Passes, And The Husband Leans Over And Whispers,

“Washing Machine.” The Wife Gives Him A Shove And Informs Him That She Has A Headache.

A Few Nights Go By And The Same Thing Happens, But The Husband Is
Determined And He Reckons He’ll Just Give It One More Try. He Leans Over And

Whispers Seductively,
“Washing Machine.” Yet Again, The Wife Turns Him Away. However,

A Few Moments Pass And ...

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