In an incredible story about the impact of social media, a young man from New Zealand named Mark Cropp found himself in a tough spot after serving a two-year and three-month prison sentence for a failed drug deal.

While he was in prison, Mark wanted to make a fresh start when he got out. But one night in his cell, after drinking homemade alcohol made from fermented apples, bread, and sugar, he and his brother made a big mistake.

In a drunken state, they decided to tattoo Mark’s face with his nickname using a homemade ink made from toothpaste and melted plastic knives and forks. The huge black tattoo reading “Devast8” across his jaw and lower face would later become a symbol of regret for Mark.

When Mark Cropp got out of prison, he found it really hard to find a job. Even though he wanted to support his partner and young daughter, his large face tattoo made it almost impossible for him to get hired. Despite having work experience, employers were turned off by the tattoo and wouldn’t give him a chance.

Mark explained to Daily Mail Australia that the tattoo was a reminder of his past mistakes. “I used to ruin everything I touched and disappointed everyone I met,” he said. “I kept hearing, ‘That’s devastating,’ and once I started the tattoo, I couldn’t stop. I wish I had stopped while it was just an outline.”

He added, “Before I knew it, my face was swollen like a pumpkin because of the tattoo.”

Desperate to get rid of the tattoo, Mark looked for ways to remove it but struggled with money and finding a professional. Laser removal, which was the best option, was very expensive and required many sessions. So, Mark decided to ask for help on social media.

He posted a selfie on Facebook showing his tattoo and asked for a job and a chance to start fresh. His emotional post quickly caught the attention of the staff at Sacred Tattoo, a tattoo shop in Auckland.

Touched by Mark’s story and recognizing an opportunity to make a positive impact, Sacred Tattoo decided to extend an extraordinary act of kindness. The tattoo parlor, known for its commitment to the community, offered to help Mark by providing free laser removal sessions to erase the “Devast8” tattoo from his face.

This generous gesture from Sacred Tattoo not only showcased the transformative power of social media but also demonstrated the impact of compassion.

Mark also managed to land a position at scaffolding company PR Contracting, earning $22 an hour.

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